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I have been an animal lover all my life; however around the age of six I started showing a keen interest in birds. As a young artist all I would draw was wild birds from magazines, so I bought a Spice Finch. Soon after I formed a bond with this little guy and was able to handle him and pet him, which was a big deal to everyone, being I was only 7 at the time. My first job was in a local pet store working in the salt water fish department. Shortly after I got in trouble for hanging out in the bird room on my breaks, which was quite funny to me at the time.

Since then I have cared for over 10 species of parrots and have had the time to learn about the specific behaviors among parrots. I have researched all the avian books I could find in the library, as well as reputable sites and well known bird specialists; I learned as much as I could, placing my own judgment on what I thought was positive or negative training and rearing. I cannot say what books I didn't agree with, but I can say there is a specific need in which these creatures thrive, and it is by no means punishment. Positive reinforcement is the only way to build trust and form a lasting relationship with a bird. These animals are to be treated like children as they have the intelligence of a 6 year old child. That being said, it is very unfortunate that the pet trade is the way it is today.

Obtaining a parrot is not like anything else. For example, people do not just got out and obtain chimps and dolphins without fully researching and understanding the nature and commitment of such a creature. Parrot companionship should be treated no different, which brings me to my focus. I strive to inform the general public about what it takes and what a challenge it is to keep parrots. You and I both know there are many instances where a bird is purchased, and the owner does not know how to care for the animal, but wants to give it the best life possible, and sadly in some cases, they may turn to rehoming to do so.

My mission is to help and teach these individuals who would love a bonding relationship for themselves and foremost their parrot. It saddens me to see parrots caged up without anyone to care for their very specific needs. Such treatment will cause mental and physical damage in many cases, in the same way that it affects humans, this cannot be allowed, and it's simply inhumane. Thus my quest to start this service, to consult and teach parrot owners, behavioral training and positive reinforced trick training. Educating their companion on the love and enrichment they need, and all of the essentials they would need to keep such a creature. I am constantly learning more about the physiological side of things, and I am fairly versed about the health precautions.